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Welcome, So glad to have you here.

Hey there, my name is Omobolaji, I am the owner and creative director of Niiffe.


Welcome to my website, thank you for checking it out.

The model in the picture above looks absolutely stunning right? But most importantly she looks comfortable with herself.

This is my thing.


And my Brand's "thing" too.

The number one mission for my brand, right from the start has been to help people break away from the crazy pressure of what constitutes "great style". The unrealistic stereotype that we have been brought up to always stick with.

Fashion is not about the fabrics or colors alone, its about the stories that you tell with it, sharing a part of what makes you special and unique, how you see yourself, how you want others to see you.


Each collection features bold colours, Strong lines and silhouettes with the designs moulded around a strong, modern independent woman who is not afraid to take risks.


The Niiffe Woman understands her body and dresses to accentuate every line and curve. 

Explore my stunning collections below and let me know what you think HERE .

Thanks again and its lovely to e-meet you. LOL.​

AW Collection


NIIFFE was started in 2010 as a bespoke brand catering mainly for weddings and special events (majorly red carpets), we then launched our RTW arm in 2012 once we started recording considerable levels of growth, with the sole goal of providing the opportunity for people to be adequately represented through their fashion sense and style.


It has always been our belief that clothes should be made to fit our bodies and not the other way round and as a result, our designs are magnificent, mysterious, fresh, radiant and elegant with an intensity that you will find desirable.

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